Headed for foreclosure? No way out? – We buy houses cash!

Long Island Cash Buyers will buy your house cash. It’s understandable that with the way the economy has been in the past few years, you may have found yourself in a home you can no longer afford. You may be wishing that you could just start over…

Well, we can help you do just that. By negotiating with your bank, we could get you a short sale agreement, buy your house and have you owe little to nothing to the bank. Then you are free to start over fresh.

Home investors like ours look for properties on Long Island that owners want to sell promptly. With our team of attorneys, title agents, and real estate professionals, we will be able to get you a fair cash deal on your house and close within 7 days in most cases.

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Sell Your Home Fast – Home Investors Will Pay Cash For Long Island Houses For Sale

Many people are currently in a home that they cannot afford – whether it be a foreclosure or just one missed payment.  As a result, there are many long island houses for sale. While the job market has picked up, rate of pay is still low as employers are afraid to spend too much. While most people think its best to wait to sell their house, that is not correct. The best time to sell is now.

Home investors have cash to buy your home now and the resources to negotiate with your bank so that you are not held responsible for paying anything. Long Island Cash Buyers are the people who buy houses on Long Island with cash offers that are able to close within 7 days in most cases.

If you are looking for a fresh start and to sell your home quickly, we buy houses for cash.


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Have you said, “I need to sell my house” recently? – We buy houses – Long Island Cash Buyers

Plenty of Long Island home owners have. Whether your house is in foreclosure, short sale or even in good standing, the number of Long Island houses for sale is increasing.

To some people, the cost of living is becoming too high. Others are simply looking for people who buy houses to get their house sold quickly. Some are even lucky to get it sold for a fair cash price.

Home investors that are capable of purchasing houses for a fair cash price on Long Island are not many. However, there are some such as LI Cash Buyers. This home investor puts it simply, “We buy houses on Long Island for a fair cash price. For people on Long Island that are looking to sell a home fast, we are the people who buy houses.”

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We Buy Houses – Sell Your Home Today – $5,000 Finder’s Fee

LI CASH BUYERS has launched a new program in which one can make up to $5,000 Finder’s Fee simply for locating a Long Island property which LI CASH BUYERS successfully buys. This program has been developed due to the latest news of increased foreclosure filings nationwide.

Several states had reached a low in completed foreclosures, including Colorado which had seen its six-year low in July 2012. Along with the good news arrive the news of the rising foreclosure filings. According to the Baltimore Sun, Maryland had earned the number one spot in rising foreclosure filings– nearly 2% of all Maryland properties were moved into foreclosure between April and June 2012.

While most individuals see this as a grim situation, LI CASH BUYERS realizes that this is not only a great source of income for them, but a way to offer others a piece of the pie. LI CASH BUYERS will pay locators up to $5,000 per property with every property referred to them that they purchase. The properties that LI CASH BUYERS buy extend beyond foreclosures to almost any situation including short sales, bankruptcy, ugly houses, and probate.

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No Matter What Your Situation Is – Sell Your Home Fast To Us – We Buy Houses – Buy A House In Cash

A Home Sweet Home becomes a lifetime asset for the soul as many great memories are created there. Nonetheless, at times we come to the decision to sell the house quickly. The reason could be anything from good to bad.


An example of a good reason to sell house fast could be that you probably have bought a new house bigger than your last or that you may be relocating for your work or family. Unfortunately, many people sell their house quickly due to a bad situation. Such occurrences happen when you become helpless in cases such as bankruptcy, Divorce, Ugly Homes, Foreclosure or Short Sale. This is when you must look for the appropriate buyer right away, who could buy house in cash on urgent basis.


However, it is not easy to locate such people in the hour of need but there are certain companies in the United Sates to help you overcome this rut free of cost. One such company is LI Cash Buyers. They assist you by evaluating your home and giving you a cash offer on your house within 24 hours of contacting them.

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Foreclosure Threat – Sell Your Home – Sell Your Home Fast – We Buy Houses

Dr. Harsimran Singh, a renowned real estate guru, recently predicted that the real estate market will once more flood with foreclosures as banks follow up on a backlog of mortgage defaults. Long Island homes will not be an exception.

We buy houses if you are looking to sell your home on Long Island.  We can buy a house in cash for a fast house sale and to avoid unnecessary fees and charges. This is all at no cost to you.

We will look at any Long Island homes for sale in order to determine the best cash offer for you. We deal with all of the following problems:

- Bankruptcy

- Short Sales

- Foreclosures

- Probate – estate sales

- Ugly houses

… and more

We will help your situation but buying your house in cash FAST! Call 516-624-9502 for a quote today!


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Sell your home on Long Island – Fast House Sale

Let’s face the facts: selling a house is a costly hassle. It is especially a problem if you are in a situation where you want to sell it quickly, such as pre-foreclosure, probate, or just an ugly property you don’t feel like fixing up. LI Cash Buyers is offering CASH for any Long Island home that is looking to be sold quickly and without hassle.

If you know someone that needs to sell their house for cash, give LI Cash Buyers a call today at 516-624-9502. We will award you up to $5,000 Finder’s Fee if we end up buying the house!

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Sell Your Home for CASH to LI Cash Buyers

When faced with a foreclosure, short sale, bankruptcy or other issue that may force you to sell your home, an individual may feel like they have no way out but to lose their home and mess up their credit. Of course, the bank putting the pressure on the borrower only increases the dire feelings.

Residents on Long Island must know that they do have a better choice – sell your house for a fair cash price to LI Cash Buyers. We have been in business for over 3 decades purchasing properties all over Long Island for a fair cash price. Our in-house team of attorneys, title agents, and real estate professionals will ensure a quick, fair offer and a quick sale, putting money into your pocket right away.

If you are looking to sell your property on Long Island, call us at 516-624-9502 for a no-obligation cash quote!


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